Ray Rosing Talks About His Health, School Board and Letter to Baldwin Residents

The new school director sent the letter to "targeted areas" as "a rebuttal for the slander against (him)."

Several residents in received a mailed letter from newly elected Baldwin-Whitehall School Board member Ray Rosing this week in which the subject of the letter was Tracy Macek, another new school director who campaigned against Rosing as part of a different committee of candidates.

Macek was the only member of the to earn a B-W School Board seat in this November's elections, while Rosing and his running mates from the claimed five seats.

In Rosing's letter, he wrote that Macek and multiple friends of hers were engaged in a conversation on Macek's Facebook profile page in which Rosing's health was discussed, most notably whether or not his health issues would allow him to serve on the board.

Rosing included a transcript of that Facebook conversation in his mailing in which Macek discussed the possibilty that Rosing would not actually serve.

"Rumor has it that Ray Rosing has announced he has health problems," Macek said on Facebook, "so Laurencine Romack (a former board member who was part of the 'Residents' committee) should be taking his place just in time to be sworn in on December 7th.....So, all of the voters who voted for Rosing basically voted for Romack, and this was plan all along. Sorry, but you all got tricked."

Rosing wrote in his letter that Macek used vulgarity in that Facebook conversation, but the transcript shows that not to be true.

"She has put forth many claims regarding my health as well as my supposed desire not to serve on the School Board," Rosing wrote. "Even further, not only does she challenge my sincerity in running, she questions the ability of the Baldwin Borough voters on their choices for School Board.

"My letter is to simply clarify that I will proudly be serving on the Baldwin-Whitehall School Board, because I care about the residents and children of this District."

From Macek's Facebook conversation, "Supposedly, Ray is telling people he has health issues which must have started last night (Nov. 8) after . Marty (Schmotzer, a former board member and ) told Romack 2 different times tonight () that she would be back (on the board). I bet he (Rosing) resigns next week."

Macek clarifed, about Rosing's health concerns, "Its a RUMOR!!!! He didnt announce it to the public.."

From Rosing's letter, "I take exception to Mrs. Macek mocking or joking about any health related issues an individual may have. My son died of leukemia when he was a young boy—I do not take kindly to someone spreading rumors about another human beings health."

Rosing and Macek were both at the B-W School Board meeting on Wednesday night, Dec. 7, to be sworn into office.

Rosing was asked what the motivation was for the letter.

"It was just a rebuttal for the slander against me," Rosing said that night. "I'd really like to let it die. It was something that I had to do. One person kind of slandered me, upset my family, actually, about my health, which is totally wrong ... so that's why the letter was sent out.

"It's a done deal. It's over and done with. I'll let it die if they will, and we'll go on and try to do what we should up here (on the school board)."

Rosing said that his letter was sent to "targeted areas," including everyone on Macek's home street.

On Thursday, Rosing said that he is indeed dealing with health issues and that he was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago.

"How ironic it is that I'm going next week for my cancer check-up," he said, "because I'm having some problems.

"She (Macek) must have ESP (extrasensory perception) or something."

He continued, "I'm very excited about being on the board. I want to get the record straight."

Macek issued the following statement on Thursday, "The conversation on Facebook was with a group of friends and presumed to be private. It was not meant for public consumption. During this conversation, a rumor was being discussed that was never assumed to be true.

"I am happy that Mr. Rosing is intending to serve on the board and honor the decision of the voters. I look forward to working with him."

Rosing echoed that sentiment.

"When I go to meetings, I will leave my personal feelings outside that door, and I'll work with Tracy to benefit the (district). I'm not going to hold a grudge ... 

"I don't want people to get the wrong idea that it's going to be a battle between me and her."

Check back with the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch later on Thursday for photos, videos and a written report of Wednesday night's board meeting.


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DW December 08, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Let this be a lesson to all. FACEBOOK is a "social networking" site and is by no means PRIVATE! I tell my teenage child this on a regular basis. It has prevented people from being hired, gotten people fired, and caused many other people trouble in other ways. I read the facebook postings, and all else asside, am disappointed that Ms. Macek (for whom I voted) feels the school board is and "us' and "them" thing. The people of Baldwin, Whitehall, and Baldwin Township have voted in a fair election. The people who the majority wanted to represent them were elected. The Board now has a job to WORK TOGETHER and act in a way that would make those that voted for them proud. The video of the swearing in that was posted on the Patch was moving. Good luck to all of the new candidates as well as those who have experience.
Cristy Stipetic December 09, 2011 at 02:49 AM
It is correct that Ms. Macek herself did not use vulgarity. However her friends did in fact use language that if I posted here, I am sure would violate the Patch's terms of use and be flagged as inappropriate. I am more disturbed by Ms. Macek quoting a comment on the Patch that said, "I congratulate all of the B/W school district voters. Once again, you have proven that you deserve the school board you voted into office." In my opinion that is a stab at the residents of Baldwin who elected the current board. Then she turns around and says, "I am happy that Mr. Rosing is intending to serve on the board and honor the decision of the voters. I look forward to working with him." In the manner in which her friends personally attacked other people and called them names is nothing short of middle school bullying. I find it difficult to swallow that this woman will be a representative of BW school district and she did nothing to stop the name calling amongst her presumed private conversation among friends. As above readers mentioned social networking sites are just that and even if you have a completely private profile anyone who knows someone can get a hold of information.
BM December 09, 2011 at 05:45 PM
Are the comments being posted on here not being hypocritical? Don't you see that you are doing exactly what Tracy and her friends are being accused of doing? How is it not just as wrong for you to state your own opinions on a public website as you find it to be for Tracy to do so! It's all opinion and everyone has the right to their own but you can not ask any one person to hold theirs back as you freely voice yours! The word "bullying " stands out in a few of these comments along with the questioning of Tracy's intelligence, I'll have to refer back to the old saying "look who's calling the kettle black". How can you refer to someone else as a "bully and not see that you are being exactly that? The bottom line and only important issue is that everyone needs to stop and realize that this is for the children and it is time to put this all aside (just as Tracy and Ray have stated they have done) and work together in making the students education strong and successful!
Voice of Reason December 09, 2011 at 07:48 PM
PURPLE POWER POSTED A COMMENT AT 8:29AM TODAY WHICH WAS REMOVED? It referenced Macek's group combatting "the VOICE OF common sense and REASON" A view from the Bleachers: Did someone mention my name? Voice of Reason? I am sure Al Gore did not invent the internet with this in mind! Shouldn’t we all really be worried about Global Warming? First...I hope that Rosing's Dr.'s appt. goes well and he is ok! There are not many people in this community who really believe that Rosing has intentions of serving.....one would think that if you are really interested in serving that you would religiously attend school board meetings once you have announced that you are running for the position if not prior. Macek DOES NOT have ESP…what a ridiculous statement. There is no IRONY! There is a GRAND PLAN…we just don’t know what it is yet!
Voice of Reason December 09, 2011 at 07:49 PM
Did Macek make a huge error by posting anything on Facebook...of course she did. Did she use vulgarity? NO. Blaming her for what someone else posted is as silly as blaming the patch for what we write. Macek as the “Chief Editor” of her FB page removed the thread just the same as the Patch would remove a vulgar post on here. One can have their FB page settings set to the most private available…but, if someone on your friend list wants to sell you out there is nothing you can do about it. Again, she is wrong…but someone sold her out. The problem with politics is that if you run a negative campaign and attack your opponents it is very difficult to come back from that. Macek can say she is looking forward to serving with Rosing, but that’s almost as ridiculous as Rosing really wanting to serve. Just remember “Silly Season” never really ends around here! May you all have a Happy, “HEALTHY” and Safe Holiday.


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