Timing Keeps Lunny on Ballot, but Votes Won't Count

Court orders Lunny removed, but there is not enough time left to do so.


As if this year's primary election for Pennsylvania's 22nd House District seat wasn't confusing enough, voters will have to clear yet another hurdle on April 24 by avoiding the temptation to select 's name from the ballot.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided on Friday that  from the ballot, but because the ballot cannot be changed so close to Election Day, Lunny's name will remain.

Nevertheless, selecting Lunny's name will be a waste of a vote, as all selections of the young Democrat will not be counted. Voters can still vote for Lunny as a write-in candidate, though.

Lunny's name was ordered to be removed because he did not submit, on his petition for nomination, 300 valid signatures of registered Democratic voters in the 22nd District, according to the court's ruling.

The entirety of the 22nd District includes at least parts of ,  and Castle Shannon Borough and the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of OverbrookBrooklineMount WashingtonBeechviewDuquesne HeightsManchesterSheraden and Esplen.

Click here to see if you reside in the 22nd District.

Aside from Lunny, the valid names to appear on the 22nd District's Democratic primary ballot on April 24 will be 's and 's.

The lone Republican competing in his party's primary election for that seat is , meaning that Cratsley is almost certain to face either Molchany or Schmotzer in November's general election.

Another job for voters on April 24 will be to select—in a special election between only Schmotzer and Cratsley—who will fill the remainder of former 22nd District 's seat, starting immediately and continuing through the end of 2012.

The 22nd has been without a state representative since mid-January when  to focus on being the newly elected controller of Allegheny County.

In other words, if you're a registered Democrat or a registered Republican, you can vote twice on April 24—once in the special election and again in the actual primary. Otherwise, you can only vote once—in the special election.

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Brian Rampolla April 20, 2012 at 12:01 PM
The Post Gazette has just endorsed Cratsley for the special election and Molchany for the regular election. Voting for both next week will be a clear statement to the old boy Allegheny County Democrats that their machine has finally broken down and needs to be replaced. Molchany in the long run will be desperately needed breath of fresh air in the PA House, and I wish her the best of luck.
Brian Rampolla April 21, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Really Mr. Schmotzer? Two arguments against Ms. Molchany per your latest mailer are she was not born here and is supported by “extremists”. Really? And OMG, she is single. The first two are idiotic (I thought we were past the birther thing). The third is more serious because it’s an insult to all families raising young girls. Why? Because most of us are encouraging them to get involved in their communities, including public office if they see fit. And here you come along implying that an educated, accomplished woman is somehow less capable because she is single. It's 2012 Mr. Schmotzer, not 1950. Also, the only statement regarding your four years on the BW School Board is that you cut taxes. But why no statements about your accomplishments related to the more critical issue of ensuring the districts long term financial stability? Because you had none. The district is likely facing some combination of tax increases, program cuts, contract renegotiations, and excess fund balance spending to balance next year’s budget, in large part because of the lost revenue resulting from the millions you gave away via the tax cuts. You obviously have the money to pay for multiple, large mailers with plenty of room to tout your real accomplishments on the board, so the fact that the mailers are completely silent in this regard speaks volumes.


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