PHOTOS: Troubled Stretch of Route 51 Gets Crosswalks

The Baldwin Borough Council reacts to accidents involving pedestrians.

Responding to public safety concerns at three busy intersections on Clairton Boulevard (Route 51), the Council to have those intersections marked with crosswalks.

The crosswalks have since been painted by Alpha Space Control Company, of Franklin County, PA, and the Baldwin Council authorized final payment to Alpha Space at a borough meeting on Tuesday night.

"Maintaining the crosswalks and pedestrian/traffic signals is the responsibility of the borough," Baldwin Manager John Barrett said on Wednesday. "The crosswalks require periodic maintenance and were due for some attention. Borough Council also wanted to respond positively to the pedestrian accidents that have taken place along State Route 51 in the borough."

On Feb. 1, a woman was , and on March 8, a man was .

"The crosswalk installation, along with the installation of a green turning arrow at State Route 51 and Irwin Drive were meant to increase pedestrian safety," Barrett said.

The crosswalk lines were painted between  and Irwin Drive, between  and Grace Street, and between  and Streets Run Road (on the  border), roughly.

The turning arrow at Irwin is not functional just yet, Barrett said. Its controller box has to be programmed, and a permit with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needs to be adjusted. Barrett expected the arrow to be functional in another week or two.

PennDOT OK'd the Baldwin Council's pedestrian measures, but Baldwin was responsible for paying for them.

Check back with the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch later on Wednesday for more from Tuesday night's council meeting.


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