New Sewage Biller for Baldwin Borough

Speeding and shade trees are also discussed in these leftovers from Tuesday night's council meeting.

New Sewage Biller

Ever since the Pennsylvania American Water Company announced that it will soon stop collecting sewage fees with its monthly water bills, the Council, like many other local government leaders, was tasked with finding a new, third-party biller.

At a borough meeting on Tuesday night, the Baldwin Council found that new biller—Jordan Tax Service—which will start collecting sewage fees from borough property owners this October.

Jordan Tax was approved for a three-year period by a unanimous vote. Jordan already collects earned income tax in Baldwin.

In October, property owners can expect cheaper bills from PA American Water, but the difference in typical costs will be made up by a separate sewage bill from Jordan.

Speeding Concerns, Especially on Cathell Road

Chief Michael Scott reported that his department was in the process of purchasing portable speed-monitor devices that his officers will use to monitor speeding and road congestion.

Scott said that the devices, which can record speeds and vehicle counts while also showing motorists how fast that they are driving, will begin their service in school zones once classes resume in August.

Scott hopes to determine which areas of the borough see frequent dangerous drivers.

Mike Hannan, a borough maintenance employee who lives on Cathell Road in north Baldwin, used public comments time at the end of Tuesday's council meeting to inform local leaders that Cathell sees more than its fair share of speeders.

"I hope something can be done before something tragic happens," said Hannan, who claimed that his mailbox and a telephone pole in his neighbor's yard have been hit by speeders.

Councilman Michael Stelmasczyk agreed that the average speed on Cathell is too high.

"I think Cathell's become a real thoroughfare," Stelmasczyk said, comparing it to Churchview Avenue.

Stelmasczyk agreed with Hannan's notion that borough police need to monitor Cathell more closely.

"We need to do what you're asking for," Stelmasczyk said while also requesting police to better enforce an existing one-side-only parking restriction on that road.

"I agree with you," Stelmasczyk told Hannan.

Shade Tree Commission Gets its Baldwin Folks

The Baldwin Council appointed its allotment of three people to a that Baldwin belongs to along with and Brentwood boroughs.

Joining the commission are Baldwin residents Candace Seymour (five-year term), Christopher Seymour (four-year term) and Patrick Bondi (three-year term).

Two Houses to Be Demolished

A couple of eyesores in north Baldwin will soon meet their demise, as the borough council agreed to declare vacant houses at 831 Somerset St. and at 835 Becks Run Rd. "as being in hazardous or dangerous condition."

Borough Manager John Barrett said that the structures will be taken down.

Baldwin Leaders Have Authority to Install Lock Boxes

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Thomas Hobbes July 19, 2012 at 10:48 PM
oh, are we driving to fast on your road, Mr. Politician? So, I guess, your personal police force can ticket your neighbors. Hooray for democracy.
Garrett Glaser July 20, 2012 at 01:34 PM
I live on a street off of Agnew rd and whole waiting with my son at his bus stop have seen people speeding regularly and even cars passing school buses with flashing red lights & it's stop sign extended. Something definitely needs done to address the problem.
Michael Stelmasczyk July 20, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Mr. Hobbes - What you are proposing is not democracy but anarchy. Representatives elected by the majority have instituted traffic laws for public safety. In response to a complaint from a resident about speeding on Cathell and who had damage to his property from speeders, I simply agreed that we should enforce the law. Our police will probably give people a warning first but if you continue to speed, I am sure you will be ticketed as you should be to insure public safety.


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