New Pennsylvania Laws Take Effect in 2013

Find out what new state laws started this year.

New Pennsylvania laws that took effect at the start of 2013 include:

Senate Bill 941—The maximum fine for someone under the age of 18 caught drinking increased from $300 to $500 for the first offense, and the penalty is $1,000 on the second offense.

SB 1586—The voting rules for people living overseas (servicemen and women, and others) and voting in Pennsylvania were simplified.

SB 637—Contractors on public-works projects must verify that their employees are legal residents.

SB 1137—Some school employees must be trained on recognizing child abuse, on the legal reporting obligations and on what relationships are appropriate with children. Three hours of training every five years are now mandatory.

SB 1310—Contributions on both sides of the unemployment trust fund increased, which will be used to make bond payments to eliminate the state's debt to the federal government.

House Bill 2630—Aspects of the animal euthanasia law take effect this year, which prohibits the use of carbon monoxide gas and drowning, as well as other methods, to put animals down. The new law also makes it easier for animal shelters to obtain drugs for more humane methods of animal euthanasia.

HB 2372—Revised regulations for farm vehicles go into place.

HB 127—The laws on games of chance are expanded, allowing for new games for fundraisers and other nonprofits, including 50-50 drawings.

Click here to learn more information about each bill.

This article originally appeared on the PerkiomenValley Patch.


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