Molchany to Prioritize Transportation Funding

Erin Molchany will serve on four committees in the PA House of Representatives.

State Rep. Erin Molchany has been appointed to four committees in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and said that she plans to focus on transportation funding as well as other issues important to her constituents.

Molchany was appointed to the Consumer Affairs, Education, Human Services and Urban Affairs committees for the 2013-14 legislative session. She will serve as the Democratic secretary for the Consumer Affairs Committee.

"I'm very pleased with my committee assignments,” Molchany said in a news release. "These assignments will allow me to apply my nonprofit management experience and firsthand knowledge of the social sector to my legislative priorities and to legislation that could directly impact my district."

Molchany represents Pennsylvania's 22nd House District, which includes part of Whitehall Borough and all of Baldwin Township.

"I will fight, above all, for a comprehensive transportation plan that adequately addresses our aging infrastructure and public transit, to support and reinvest in our public schools to secure our children's future, and to prioritize expanding opportunities that enhance our quality of life," she said. "I'm ready to work with colleagues to do well for the people we represent."

The Consumer Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over the state Public Utility Commission and many consumer issues. The committee has reviewed bills pertaining to issues such as vehicle lemon laws, consumer privacy and contract language.

Molchany will tackle issues including education funding, school choice and charter schools, and teacher standards on the Education Committee, and will focus on bills pertaining to social service issues with the Human Services Committee.

The Urban Affairs Committee handles bills pertaining to cities and counties of the first, second and third class. Housing and public safety have been recent concerns for this committee.


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