Library Excellence, Weeds Update (Whitehall Council Notes)

The PA Library Association honors Whitehall, and weeds-notice letters are sent to property owners near Curry Road (notes from Wednesday night's borough meeting).

Whitehall Library Honors

The Whitehall Public Library is taking top honors this week at a gathering of Pennsylvania librarians, Whitehall Library Board Secretary Cristina Brady told Whitehall Borough council members at their meeting on Wednesday night.

Brady said that the Whitehall Library won the Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries 2012 Public Relations Award for a marketing campaign developed by library Director Paula Kelly and Adult Program Coordinator Denise Ignasky and used in the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council's English-as-a-Second-Language classrooms to promote Whitehall's Library Easy Access for Residents in Need (LEARN) program.

UPDATE: On Oct. 15, representatives of the LEARN program will be filmed for an episode of the WQED series "Horizons." The show explores issues related to diversity in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Whitehall resident Faustino Dunckhorst, the president of the Friends of the Whitehall Public Library, will receive a Citizen of the Year award at the Pennsylvania Library Association's 2012 conference in the Gettysburg area for his tireless advocacy work on behalf of public libraries, and the Whitehall Library's Licia Simon is also being recognized for her Best Practices Computer Tutor program.

In more library news, the library's lobby renovations project is complete. Click here for photos of how the lobby is looking.

Letters Mailed Asking for Weeds to Be Cut

Whitehall Borough Manager James E. Leventry said that letters have been mailed in the past two weeks to 23 property owners along McAnulty Road, Wilburke Avenue and Rolling Hills Road asking them to trim their weeds that extend onto nearby Curry Road.

At a Sept. 19 borough meeting, council members discussed how the weeds are crowding Curry's traffic lanes and creating a safety hazard for motorists, not to mention being an eyesore.

"It's a perception thing," Councilman Robert McKown said at that meeting. "It looks terrible."

Leventry said that a couple of school buses have even lost mirrors because of scrapes with the overgrown vegetation.

"If weeds are in the right of way (past the road's curb), the borough can trim them," Leventry said, "but it's really the property owners' responsibility to do it.

"We are asking for cooperation."

If the property owners do not take action on their weeds within a reasonable amount of time, they can be cited by borough code enforcement.

"It would be a summary offense, and the maximum (fine) is $300," Leventry said. "We've fought this battle with some of these people for years now, and it's not until they get this letter that they actually do something. But typically, they do.

"It's been an ongoing fight for us for probably the last five years."

Click here for more Whitehall Borough news.


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Rhonda Rainaldi October 04, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Please show us in Whitehall boro pics to see exactly how tidy boro directors property is. People are out working over 50 hrs a week in order to just pay cost of living. Where is the time for worrying about weeds, just because of an eye sore. Looks to me that along curry road is wooded property, "Borough Right of way". Get the borough out working instead of getting paid to give orders.
Robert Edward Healy, III October 04, 2012 at 06:43 PM
UPDATE: On Oct. 15, representatives of the LEARN program will be filmed for an episode of the WQED series "Horizons." The show explores issues related to diversity in and around the Pittsburgh area.


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