Glenn Nagy Chosen as New Whitehall Council Prez

Harold Berkoben is the new vice president, and committee members also re-organize.

New President, Vice President

The Whitehall Borough Council used its first meeting of 2013 to select Councilmen Glenn Nagy and Harold Berkoben as its newest president and vice president, respectively.

The Whitehall Council regularly rotates its council members through those positions without controversy. As such, Councilmen William J. Veith resigned on Wednesday night from the presidency that he held in 2012 before joining a unanimous vote to elevate then-Vice President Nagy to the head seat.

With the vice presidency then vacated, Berkoben was selected unanimously to replace Nagy.

Also on Wednesday night, the borough's seven councilmembers received their new committee assignments for 2013:

  • Administrative Services: Robert McKown (Chair), Berkoben and Veith
  • Public Safety: Veith (Chair), Linda J. Book and McKown
  • Whitehall Public Library: Book (Chair), Kathleen N. DePuy and Philip Lahr
  • Public Works: Berkoben (Chair), DePuy and Lahr
  • Planning and Zoning: Lahr (Chair), Berkoben and Veith
  • Recreation: DePuy (Chair), Book and McKown

Police Retirement

The Whitehall Council also unanimously approved a resolution that honors Whitehall police Sgt. Jay W. Hardman as a distinguished employee of the borough.

Hardman—a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and University of Pittsburgh graduate—is retiring from the police force after 28 years.

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