Court Orders Shawn Lunny Removed from Ballot

It's Molchany vs. Schmotzer in April 24's Democratic primary.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided on Friday that 's name is to be removed from the ballot of April 24's Democratic primary election for Pennsylvania's 22nd House District seat.

Candidates for that race were required to submit 300 valid signatures of registered Democratic voters in the 22nd District, but the court found that "the Nomination Petition of Shawn Lunny contains less than the requisite 300 signatures required to be a candidate for Representative in the General Assembly."

Thus, and  will be the only Democratic names on the ballot for the 22nd District seat on April 24.

Republican  is the only candidate from his party running for that seat, meaning that either Molchany or Schmotzer will almost certainly face Cratsley in November's general election.

The entirety of the 22nd District includes at least parts of ,  and Castle Shannon Borough and the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of OverbrookBrooklineMount WashingtonBeechviewDuquesne HeightsManchesterSheraden and Esplen.

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Brian Rampolla April 14, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Too bad about Mr. Lunney, but Erin Mochany had my vote all along because of her solid credentials and willingness to tell it like it is regarding Mr. Schmotzers past record in county government. His more recent record on the BW School Board also needs to be examined, and because he's campaining on three years of district tax cuts, the impact iof these cuts is fair game for discussion. The first round of cuts took $1.5M from annual district revenue one year after the fiscal recovery study documenting the significant impact of the debt taken on to complete the high school rennovation, including an annual $2M boost in debt service payments. By 2015 these cuts will have reduced district revenue by a cummulative $12M or so, which is a significant factor in the looming district deficits that show the fund balance going from $12M when Mr. Schmotzer joined the board in late 2007 to a negative $12M in 2015. These cuts also took away desperately needed revenue just at the time it was crystal clear that our changing demographics were going to demand increased investment in district academic programs. It can reasonably be concluded that the drop in overall district PSSA rankings relative to other districts in SW PA during Mr. Schmotzers term on the board can be related to these funds not being available for our teachers and students. Mr. Schmotzer ignored clear warnings of these consequences, and does not deserve to represent us in the 22nd district.
Jean Smith April 16, 2012 at 08:25 PM
I wouldn't vote for Schmotzers if he was the last man standing. What a waste and he should be thanked for our PSSA scored dropping and for Baldwin/Whitehall district going down hill. I cannot wait till next year when my child won't be in one of the declining school districts.
Billee April 16, 2012 at 11:28 PM
Jean I'm sorry you feel this way. I didn't always agree with what he had to say. However in the short period of time I was able to attend the meetings I did see some of the good he brought to the table for the benefit of our children during his VOLUNTEER service on the Baldwin Whitehall school board. In my opinion he was the hot sauce that made the chicken wings dance! I can understand your frustration. I walk in the same steps as you do as a Baldwin Whitehall school district parent. However true improvement and change for the better starts from within. I wish your graduate all the BEST!
Robert Edward Healy, III April 24, 2012 at 02:57 AM
REMINDER: Timing Keeps Lunny on Ballot, but Votes Won't Count: http://patch.com/A-s7f3


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