County Officials Admit Costly Mistake Over Assessing a Whitehall Property

'Obviously, we should have caught it,' county spokeswoman Amie Downs told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Allegheny County officials have admitted that a property containing a townhouse in Whitehall Borough was misclassified for decades as a vacant lot, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on Friday.

The error in properly assessing the townhouse at 102 Wallace Park Dr. in Whitehall's Wallace (Prospect) Park area has led to possibly thousands of dollars in lost real estate tax revenue for the borough, county and Baldwin-Whitehall School District.

"Obviously, we should have caught it," county spokeswoman Amie Downs said. "No excuses."

The mistake spans two countywide reassessment processes.

Read the Post-Gazette's full article here.

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Sasafras Jackson December 19, 2012 at 08:41 PM
"Oops" is what Uncle Helix used to say when he used to have urba durba in parking lot of the old Hechingers. This is not what County Officials should say when they do something of this magnitued. "Does this call for action on the part of the School Board or will this be brushed under the rug?" - Uncle Helix
NE12Ukid December 20, 2012 at 01:56 AM
If this were the ONLY mistake they made, it might be funny. But we paid for this reassessment which is nothing but errors. I reported several in documents I submitted at my assessment hearing. The hearing did not result in a reduction of my assessment, that's OK, but the additional information apparently was just ignored. Such as 3 identical homes assessed at different amounts, and one home reported to be built in 1996 which was actually built in 1985.
Sasafras Jackson December 20, 2012 at 02:57 PM
I am not trying to play the proverbial game of "Burp the Baby" but who has authority to fire these people? Do we as paying tax people? Uncle Helix brought this up at dinner yesterday and I could not answer him. He wanted to play Burp the Baby but I was of sound mind not to engage him.
cc December 22, 2012 at 01:14 PM
At my hearing I had no problem getting my property taxes reduced. Then again I took an attorney with me who had all the information and facts.


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