Council Will Repair Roads Only in South Baldwin This Year

'I can't see jumping around the borough just to make people think that things are even.' – Councilman Bob Collet

Baldwin Borough's council members voted, 6-1, on Tuesday night in favor of using the borough's road funds to repair only roads in south Baldwin this year.

Councilman Bob Collet made that motion, saying that the borough should save money by keeping its resurfacing equipment in one general area as opposed to taking it across Route 51 and up Streets Run Road to north Baldwin.

"I can't see jumping around the borough just to make people think that things are even," Collet, a central Baldwin resident, said after hearing from borough engineers that the cost of transporting equipment will eat away at the money designed to actually fix the borough's roads.

"Get the best for your dollar," Collet said before suggesting that, next year, the council should fix roads in the northern part of the borough before returning back to the southern part the following year. "You only have so much money."

Fellow Councilman Michael Stelmasczyk pointed out, though, that current council members, including himself, may not be on future councils and said that it would be unwise to assume that those future councils will act accordingly.

As such, Stelmasczyk cast the lone "no" vote.

"No matter what you do, there's going to be complaints," Councilman John Ferris said. "Pick a side and do it."

Engineer Larry Souleret said that the conditions of the roads are "pretty much the same" in both ends of the borough, but Councilman Ed Moeller pointed out that the total amount of roadwork (actual mileage) needed in south Baldwin is greater than in the north.

Souleret's current estimations are that it will cost almost $2.1 million to address the roads in south Baldwin that are in need of repair, as opposed to less than $1 million in north Baldwin.

However, the borough's 2013 budget shows only , meaning that not every troubled spot—see table below—can likely be corrected this year.

As such, the council will determine exactly which streets to repair at a later time, but none of them will be in north Baldwin this year.

South Baldwin Street From To Estimated Repair Cost Broadlea Road Hollowhaven Drive Ranchview Drive $114,672 Charlotte Drive McAnulty Road 525 Charlotte $145,799 Elaine Drive (Part 1) Norma Drive Clelia Drive $79,427 Elaine Drive (Part 2) Clelia Drive McAnulty Road $99,390 Jenne Drive Gardenville Road McAnulty Road $210,156 Judith Drive Norma Drive McAnulty Road $169,241 Keeport Drive Curry Hollow Road Youngridge Drive $114,233 Koeffler Drive Gardenville Road Bethel Park Line $94,334 Lois Drive Norma Drive McAnulty Road $156,517 Macassar Drive Wolfe Drive Dead End $124,274 Overland Trail Adobe Road Brownsville Road $118,059 Portia Drive Bethel Park Line McAnulty Road $178,972 Ranchview Drive Broadlea Road Overland Trail $149,613 Tommy Drive Jean Drive Dead End $62,314 Youngridge Drive Keeport Drive Keeport Drive $274,293

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old man February 15, 2013 at 11:35 PM
cc, why worry about which roads are getting resurfaced in Baldwin if you don't live in Baldwin. And jwill as far as I am concerned Mt. Oliver has more class than Baldwin.
Margaret French February 16, 2013 at 12:37 AM
I guess because people who don't live in Baldwin still have to drive there for whatever reason. DUH!
NE12Ukid February 16, 2013 at 01:13 AM
Possibly, Margaret, but that is no excuse for posting false statements such as: " In the past they were only worried about fixing roads in North Baldwin."
cc February 16, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Because I have a daughter that goes to friends homes in Baldwin and since I driver her, I have to drive the terrible roads in South Baldwin which haven't been.
Robert Edward Healy, III February 20, 2013 at 08:56 PM
"LIST: Bids Sought for Repairing South Baldwin Roads": http://patch.com/A-2gm0


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