Allegheny County Council Passes Budget, Reduces Millage Rate

The county's tax rate will be 4.73 mills in 2013.

The Allegheny County Council has passed a 2013 budget that includes a millage rate decrease.

On Tuesday, county officials approved a $799.4-million budget, reducing the county real estate tax rate to 4.73 mills, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The millage was reduced from 2012's rate of 5.69 mills to offset an increase in average property values stemming from the county's court-ordered real estate reassessment. By law, taxing bodies like municipalities and school districts can't receive more than 105 percent of their otherwise expected property tax revenues next year so as not to use the reassessment as a major tax increase.

Under the county's new tax rate, a resident would pay $473 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said in a statement that he is happy with the approved budget.

"(I) am glad that we are able to move into 2013 with no tax increase and a lower millage rate and that we did so without using one-time revenues to balance our budget," he said. "The final budget has a growth of 1.96 percent, and we are also projecting that we will be able to grow our fund balance."

Baldwin-Whitehall's three municipalities have not yet officially determined their local millage rates for 2013.


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Bob and Jeanne December 05, 2012 at 01:45 PM
"No tax increase"??????? Mr. Fitzgerald???? How can you say that? My assessment just about doubled. I had an informal hearing. No changes. I scheduled a formal hearing and had to postpone it (you are "permitted" to do that once) but have yet to hear from the county of when it is rescheduled. My county property taxes have gone up over $100.00. HOW DO YOU NOT CALL THAT A TAX INCREASE? And, how about what that increase does to the township property taxes and school taxes? They will also INCREASE. So, Fitz, where do you get off saying that there is no tax increase? Okay, fine, the millage is down. But the taxes are still going up. Please explain to me how there is no tax increase. Hmmm, wonder what else I can cut out of my budget to be able to stay in my house. Food, perhaps?
hroark December 05, 2012 at 07:44 PM
The County will realize $8 million dollars and all school districts will see some additional monies fudging teh new construction numbers. Selling this as a no tax increase budget is a joke.


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