Whitehall Police Investigate Mystery Guests on Brownsville Road

And four other incidents in these police notes from the past week.

Mystery Guests on Brownsville Road

Whitehall Borough police officers went to the 4700 block of Brownsville Road at around 6:34 p.m. on Wednesday in response to a homeowner's report of suspicious activity.

The homeowner said that people have been coming to a home on that block on multiple occasions recently looking for someone who does not live there. The homeowner's story has been corroborated by neighbors in the immediate area, Whitehall police Chief Donald R. Dolfi said.

Neighbors have told police that a mysterious vehicle has been parked in their driveways and that someone has emerged from that vehicle to walk to the home in question before returning to the driveways.

Officers recently located the vehicle in question and found three people inside with an empty syringe, Dolfi said.

The officers interviewed the three people—male Stefan Houser, 22, of 105 E. Madison Ave. in Vandergrift Borough; female Donnelle Moore, 28, also of 105 East Madison; and male Frank Allen Hunter, 35, of 110 East Madison—but none of them would say why they kept returning to the same house, Dolfi said.

Neither Houser, Moore nor Hunter are being charged with a crime regarding the syringe, but all three are being charged with disorderly conduct regarding their presence on Brownsville.

"Somebody's not telling us everything," said Dolfi, whose department is investigating the situation.

"The nice part about this is it seems like our residents are listening. If something is happening that doesn't make sense, give us a call. Keep your eyes open for your neighbors. It does nothing but benefit everybody.

"If they can become a victim, you're not safe."

Man Arrested on Azalea Drive

Whitehall police officers went to a home in the 5100 block of Azalea Drive at around 1:10 p.m. on Monday to arrest Joshua William Bisbey, 34, of 2914 Sebolt Rd. in South Park Township.

Bisbey was visiting a relative on that block while he had an outstanding warrant from the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office for violating his probation regarding a driving under the influence charge, Dolfi said.

The Whitehall officers brought Bisbey to their police station before representatives from the sheriff's office came to get him.

Damage at Dairy Queen

The manager of the Dairy Queen on Route 51 contacted Whitehall police at around 12:55 p.m. on Sunday to report that, sometime overnight, someone had damaged the restaurant's dining room window, Dolfi said.

The window had a hole in it that was approximately two inches in diameter. The object that caused the damage couldn't be found or even identified.

No cost of the damage has yet been estimated. Police are investigating the incident.

Burglary on Skyline Drive

A resident from the apartments building at 1765 Skyline Dr. in the Wallace (Prospect) Park area contacted Whitehall police at around 2:07 p.m. on Sunday to report being burglarized.

The resident said that, when he left his apartment at approximately 9:30 that day, he locked his front doorknob and deadbolt, but when he returned at around 2 p.m., his 32-inch box-style TV had been stolen, Dolfi said. Oddly, other electronics items were passed over by the burglar.

The resident said that he had to unlock his front doorknob when he returned to his apartment, but he cannot recall if he had to unlock his deadbolt.

The value of the TV has been estimated at $200. Police are investigating the incident.

Package Taken from Skyline

A resident from the apartments building at 1745 Skyline in the Prospect Park area contacted Whitehall police at around 8:19 a.m. on Sept. 25 to report that a package recently delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and meant for her was taken by someone else, Dolfi said.

The package contained items that were purchased from an online vendor, and luckily for the resident, the vendor is going to replace those items.

Representatives from the postal service confirmed that the package was delivered to 1745 Skyline, but it is not known if the postal carrier left the package in the lobby area of the building or with someone else.

"The moral of the story: 'Don't leave boxes unattended in the lobby,'" Dolfi said, adding that, in this case, the resident is not at fault.

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Baldwin Guy October 03, 2012 at 06:10 PM
So, why do they not arrest the people with the empty needle for paraphernalia , or at least site them for disorderly? They busted some guy for marijuana the other day, I think an empty needle is a much larger concern?
Robert Edward Healy, III October 03, 2012 at 06:48 PM
All three are being charged with disorderly conduct.
Baldwin Guy October 03, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Good! At least they have a record of them being there for future use!


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