Vulgar Message Left on Whitehall Resident's Truck

And three other stories in these Whitehall Borough police notes.

Vulgar Message

A resident from the 1700 block of Skyline Drive in the Wallace (Prospect) Park area notified Whitehall Borough police at around 3:38 p.m. on Monday that his Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck had recently been vandalized, Whitehall police Deputy Chief Richard M. Danko said.

The victim's truck had several scratch marks on it, apparently made by a key used by an unknown person. Some of the scratches—made sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning while the truck was parked to the rear of the victim's apartments building—spelled out the word "whore," Danko said.

The victim said that he did not have any problems with his building's management or with fellow residents of his building.

Whitehall police are investigating.

With Friends (Family?) Like This ... 

A resident from the 200 block of Weyman Road contacted Whitehall police at around 2:44 p.m. on Monday to report that he recently noticed several pieces of his wife's jewelry missing from their home, Danko said.

The man said that there is no evidence of a break-in to their home and instead believes that the jewelry may have been taken by a guest—possibly a relative—while they were hosting people around the Thanksgiving holiday.

The jewelry had been stored in a ceramic box in the home's master bedroom, Danko said.

Whitehall police are waiting for a complete list of items taken (and their approximate values) and are investigating the theft.

Third Time's an Alarm

Police are investigating what a Whitehall resident said is the third time that someone has broken into his apartment but not taken anything from it, Danko said.

The resident of the 1700 block of Skyline called Whitehall police at around 10:56 p.m. on Friday to report that his apartment's front door had been damaged. The resident could not determine that anything was missing from his apartment but did say that this sort of thing has happened to him twice before.

He never reported the first two break-ins, Danko said.

Police are investigating.

Safe Removed

A resident from the 1500 block of Radford Road in the Prospect Park area notified Whitehall police at around 2:03 p.m. on Monday that a safe had recently been taken from his apartment, Danko said.

The victim reported that around $500 in cash and some jewelry and Christmas gifts were inside of the safe.

Whitehall police are waiting for a complete list of items taken (and their approximate values) and are investigating the burglary.

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