Recent Results from Magisterial District Court 05-2-17

Judge Barton's jurisdiction includes Whitehall Borough and Baldwin Township.

The following results are from recent hearings held in the  office of Magistrate David J. Barton of District Court 05-2-17:


  •  charged Justin Michael Witte, 24, of 517 Scenery Drive in Elizabeth Township, with on Sept. 9. The charges were withdrawn on Oct. 18.


  •  police charged Chuundu Mooba Habulembe, 31, of 1650 Parkline Drive, Apt. 3, in the , with  on July 19. Habulembe's , and he faced those charges at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Sept. 9. It was determined that Habulembe will have a status hearing in mid-November.


  • Whitehall police charged Michael Joel Castoreno, 31, of 1821 Parkline, Apt. 30, in the Whitehall Place Apartments complex, with  on Aug. 7. It was  that Castoreno would face those charges at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Sept. 30, where it was then decided that he would face . At that conference, it was determined that he will have a non-jury trial starting on Dec. 5.


  •  charged Timothy Hramika, 27, of Knight Drive in South Park Township, with  on Aug. 11. Hramika's , and he faced that charge at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Nov. 4, where it was determined that his case will now be part of a docket conference scheduled for Dec. 20. That conference should result in the next legal step for Hramika's charge.



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