Recent Results from Magisterial District Court 05-2-17

Judge Barton's jurisdiction includes Whitehall Borough and Baldwin Township.

The following results are from recent hearings held in the  office of Magistrate David J. Barton of District Court 05-2-17:


  • charged Gregory Joseph Jacobs, 48, of 1091 Rural Ridge Drive in Cheswick Borough, with after he was involved in a near-fight at  on Sept. 2 immediately following a varsity football game. Jacobs pled guilty in front of Barton on Oct. 12 and was fined a total of $214.50.


  • Whitehall police cited David Bushmire, 50, of 4619 Veman Ave. in , for violating a borough ordinance on Sept. 12 that prohibits . Bushmire pled guilty in front of Barton on Oct. 14 and was fined a total of $94.50.


  • Whitehall police charged Jerome Dolney, 28, of 539 Wilson Ave. in Clairton, PA, with  on Sept. 11. Dolney failed to appear for an Oct. 18 hearing at Barton's, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.


  • charged Brittany Cannata, 20, of Berkshire Avenue in Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood, with from the on Sussex Avenue on Aug. 1 and attempting to sell the phone in . Charges against Cannata of theft and receiving stolen property were withdrawn on Oct. 18, but she pled guilty in front of Barton on that day to a disorderly conduct charge and was fined a total of $397.


  • police charged Scott Crawford, 42, of Mississippi Avenue in Dormont, with  after Crawford crashed his vehicle into a utility pole on Dewalt Drive on Aug. 12. Crawford's Oct. 11 hearing before Barton was waived, and he will face that charge at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Nov. 30. UPDATE: Rescheduled for Feb. 9.


  • Baldwin Township police charged Ralph Sunder, of Rocklynn Avenue in Pittsburgh, with  on July 2. Sunder's , and he faced those charges at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Oct. 7. Sunder was granted an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) hearing to begin on Nov. 18.


  • Baldwin Township police charged Stephen Zimdahl, of Sheila Drive in Green Tree Borough, with  on July 20. Zimdahl's , and he faced those charges at the Allegheny County Courthouse on Oct. 17. Zimdahl was granted an ARD hearing to begin on Dec. 2.


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