Police Still Looking for Man Whom Boy Scout Says Pulled Gun on Him

Scout was at Baldwin Methodist Church near Caste Village on March 14.

City of Pittsburgh and Port Authority police sent K-9 units to Whitehall Borough on March 14 to search for a man whom a local Boy Scout said pulled a gun on him near the  along Baptist Road.

police received a call from the church at around 8:59 that night after several people witnessed a bizarre incident on Baptist between the church and the shopping area.

According to Deputy Chief Richard M. Danko, the Scout, a juvenile, was attending a meeting at the church when, while standing outside of the building with his friends on a break, he heard screeching tires on Baptist followed by the sight of a man running toward them.

The man, described by multiple witnesses as being in his late 20s or early 30s; about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with short, black hair; and weighing around 180 pounds, then headed down Doverdell Drive along the church's main parking lot.

The Scout observed that the man was in distress, thought that he might be injured and ran after him. The Scout said that when he got close to the man, whom he said appeared to be Hispanic but had no accent, the man pulled a gun—a black revolver—on him and said, "Do you have something to say now?"

No other witnesses reported seeing the gun or hearing those words, but they did report seeing the man continue to run down Doverdell, Danko said.

K-9 units joined Whitehall police officers in a search for the man, but he was never found. His whereabouts are unknown, and Whitehall police continue to investigate the incident.

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