Mating Cows on Route 28 'Udderly' Tie Up Traffic

The bovine spectacle occurs just days after motorists spotted a pig on the Parkway West.

In the beginning ... there was the .

Now, there are cows "procreating," shall we say, on Route 28.

It's been one heckuva week around the 'Burgh.

On Friday morning, motorists got a spectacle of the bovine variety when a cow and a bull—oblivious to the highway traffic—decided to do the wild thing in a construction zone on Route 28.

Pennsylvania State police dealt with traffic congestion caused by the amorous pair "having relations in the road" at the intersection of Routes 28/66 and Route 85 in Rayburn Township, near Kittanning, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Mark O'Neil, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau near Harrisburg, told WTAE that it was his understanding that the cow and bull may have been having "relations" along the road for several hours.

WTAE reported that two local members of the state farm bureau were called to the scene to help clear the animals off of the highway and that it took 15 minutes to separate the bovines.

"We've had cows hit by cars before ... this is a first in my career," state trooper John Corna told the Post-Gazette.

TribLive.com reported that Chad Anderson, of Templeton, and Brandon Cravener, of Kittanning, were traveling to work on a roofing job in Mars Borough at around 7 a.m. when they saw the lovely couple.

The men stopped to help a state trooper keep the animals from running into traffic, TribLive.com reported.

Ross Grooms and John Bennett, of the Armstrong County Farm Bureau, roped the cow and bull and corralled them until their owner arrived with a trailer, TribLive.com reported.

Alvin Rosenberger, of Red Mill Road in Kittanning, claimed ownership of the 6-year-old black cow and the young red bull, according to TribLive.com.

No word yet on the names of the animals, but Patch is recommending Mrs. Robinson for the older cow and Dustin Hoffman for the young bull with a nod to the iconic movie about a May-December romance—The Graduate.

Nearly every media outlet in town (including Patch) is asking anyone with photos of the romantic interlude on Route 28 to send them in for publication. (Email baldwin-whitehall@patch.com.)

Local radio station WDVE is taking things a step beyond by sponsoring a Cow Sex Photoshop Contest. Click here for "artistic" renderings of "udder" delight.

Did you see this momentous event? What do you think of this week's animal shenanigans? Share thoughts below.

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