Gun, Jewelry and Other Items Taken from Vehicles in Whitehall

'All vehicles should be locked at all times no matter where you park them.' - Whitehall police Deputy Chief Richard Danko

Lessons Learned?

Locking your vehicle is a common-sense practice to many people, but some of us need reminded of it from time to time.

police officers received calls from three Whitehall residents on Feb. 28, each of whom complained that items had recently been stolen from their vehicles, Deputy Chief Richard M. Danko said.

The first two victims admitted to not locking their vehicles, while the third was unsure of whether or not her vehicle was locked. Police did not find forced entry to the third victim's vehicle, though.

The first call that day came at around 6:32 a.m. when a resident of the 3600 block of Provost Road told police that someone had taken a 9-millimeter Ruger semi-automatic handgun from his vehicle sometime overnight. The victim valued the gun at $396.

Then, at around 11:20 a.m., a resident from the 3200 block of Provost told police that someone had taken a number of jewelry items and loose change from her vehicle sometime overnight. Missing were a gold butterfly pin valued at $450, another butterfly pin—with two pink stones and two silver stones—valued at $600, a silver woman's bracelet valued at $30 and approximately $20 in loose change.

Then, at around 3:37 p.m., a student who lives on East Brightview Drive—not far from the other two victims—told police that she discovered items missing from her vehicle when she returned to it after leaving Baldwin High that day.

Missing were four gift cards—one each for Macy's ($50), Amazon ($50), Giant Eagle GetGo ($5) and Applebee's ($15)—and $25 in cash.

The girl's vehicle was parked near the tennis courts area in the high school's student parking lot, but Danko said that the theft might have occurred on East Brightview.

"All vehicles should be locked at all times no matter where you park them—your driveway, at shopping centers, on the street," Danko reminded borough residents.

Police are investigating all three incidents.

Separate Event: Marijuana Possession Charge

While investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle parked behind 1838 Parkline Drive in the area at around 12:03 a.m. on Saturday, Whitehall police officers discovered marijuana in the possession of James Pierre Scott Jr., 22, of 2155 Elmore Square in Pittsburgh's Terrace Village neighborhood, Danko said. 

Police have charged Scott with that crime. UPDATE: Charge was .


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