Eight Bags of Suspected Heroin Found in Whitehall (and Other Police Notes)

Three other drug incidents in the borough this past week, and more items.

Whitehall Man Charged with Heroin Possession on Curry Road

A driver called police at around 4:28 p.m. on Friday to report that another motorist was driving erratically while heading south down Route 51. The erratic driver turned onto Provost Road in  and eventually reached Curry Road before before being stopped there by officers.

The driver—Michael Ryan Graziano, 32, of 4844 Old Boston Rd. in Whitehall—passed field-sobriety tests but was found by officers to be in possession of eight partially opened bags of suspected heroin, as well as syringes, Whitehall police Deputy Chief Richard M. Danko said.

Police are charging Graziano with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Baldwin Township Man Charged with Marijuana Possession in Orchard Heights Park

A Whitehall resident notified a police officer at around 8:44 p.m. on Wednesday that three people had illegally entered into  near Frank Street past sunset.

While checking the park, the officer located the three people and told them to leave. One of the people—Casey Edward Jones, 18, of 605 Highview Dr. in —was possessing a small amount of marijuana, Danko said.

Police are charging Jones with possession of that substance. UPDATE: The charge was .

Whitehall Man Charged with Marijuana Possession on Parkline Drive

Whitehall police responding to a call in the 1800 block of Parkline Drive in the area at around 11:49 p.m. on April 3 detected the smell of marijuana coming from 1838 Parkline.

Officers investigated and reported the smell to be coming from Apt. 29, Danko said.

The officers made contact with a resident of that apartment—Brent Woods, 24—and found him in possession of a small amount of marijuana and related paraphernalia. Police are charging Woods with those offenses. UPDATE: The charges were .

Whitehall Man Charged with Marijuana Possession on South Emblem Drive

Whitehall police officers approached a suspicious vehicle on South Emblem Drive at around 2:31 a.m. on Tuesday and found the vehicle's driver—Zachary Lawrence Hunter, 19, of 1447 Maple Dr. in the Prospect Park area—to be in possession of a glass pipe with a small amount of burnt marijuana inside of it, Danko said.

Police are charging Hunter with disorderly conduct.

Man Admits to Multiple Crimes Against Relative, Police Say

Police officers stopped a vehicle driven by Matthew Russell Kim, 24, of 223 Augusta St. in Pittsburgh's Mount Washington neighborhood, at around 4:49 a.m. on Sunday for multiple traffic violations in Whitehall.

During the traffic stop, police found Kim to be in possession of some costume jewelry, which he admitted to recently stealing from a relative's house that morning, Danko said. Danko said that Kim also admitted to breaking into that relative's home and taking the vehicle that he was driving without that relative's permission.

Police are charging Kim with receiving stolen property—for the jewelry and vehicle—unauthorized use of the vehicle and providing false identification to police. He used a fake name, Danko said.

Computer Stolen from Vehicle on Dallett Road

A resident of Whitehall's 1000 block of Dallett Road called police at around 6:55 a.m. on Wednesday to report that someone had illegally entered into multiple vehicles parked in his driveway overnight.

Removed from one of the vehicles—owned by the resident's niece—was a Dell Latitude computer valued at approximately $1,500.

The niece's vehicle showed no forced signs of entry, Danko said. The victim told police that she was not sure if her vehicle was locked.

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