Baldwin Twp. Police Still Looking for Window-Smasher(s)

Problem ongoing in Baldwin Twp., Castle Shannon, Brookline, Dormont, Mt. Lebanon.

Police from a number of communities in Pittsburgh's South Hills area are looking for information that they hope will lead them to whomever is responsible for a recent string of vehicular vandalism.

A person, or persons, has been smashing the windows of vehicles—and causing other significant damage to vehicles—parked in the neighboring communities of , Castle Shannon Borough, Dormont Borough, Mt. Lebanon and Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood over the past few weeks.

According to an , people in a small, dark-colored vehicle, or two small, dark-colored vehicles, were reported to police as having damaged over 10 vehicles in Brookline and Castle Shannon on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14. The damage done in Castle Shannon is believed to have been caused by two males throwing glass bottles and rocks from their own vehicle.

Similar incidents were reported in Dormont, Mt. Lebanon and Baldwin Township, Dormont-Brookline Patch Editor Erin Faulk reports.

"It's been a couple of weeks now since we've had anything," Chief Terrence P. O'Brien said on Friday, April 27, "but I know Castle Shannon, Mt. Lebanon and the Brookline sections have been getting hit hard again.

"It could be (more than one person). Right now, we're just waiting to see if we can catch a break on it and catch a lead somewhere, because I think, whoever comes up with it's gonna clear up a lot of it."

Those with information can call Castle Shannon police at 412-885-9300; at 412-561-8900, ext. 300; Baldwin Township police at 412-341-5937; Mt. Lebanon police at 412-531-5300; or Pittsburgh police at 412-937-3051.

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