'The Whitehall Stripes'? #PittsburghBands

Have you checked out the #PittsburghBands hashtag on Twitter?

If you were naming a band that could only be found in Pittsburgh, what would you call it?

Some creative Pittsburgh minds have taken to Twitter, and are using the hashtag #PittsburghBands to share their ideas for Pittsburgh-themed musical acts—all spinoffs of current band names and famous Pittsburgh places.

The hashtag has been trending for the past day or so, and it's continuing to pick up steam. You might recognize some of the people making suggestions.

Randy Baumann of WDVE—@DVERandy to you Twitter followers—suggested some great ones, including "The Whitehall Stripes."

graduate and Lee Terbosic (@LeeTerbosic) has also coined some winners, including "Al Greenfield" and "Carrie Hazelwood."

Even Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald's office has jumped in on the fun, tweeting "Slim Shadyside" from the @ACE_Fitzgerald account.

"They Might be Giant Eagles," "The Rolling Rocks," "System of a Dahn" and "The Parking Chairs" have been suggested by several people.

If you're on Twitter, check out the hashtag #PittsburghBands and share your favorites—and your own ideas!

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