Reveal Your Natural Beauty with become

Peters resident Lyn Dempsey can introduce you to an effective skincare line, a fun way to bond with your friends and a new career.

This week’s Great Escape takes us on a stroll through the personal history of a Peters Township resident dedicated to helping area women find effective and affordable skincare products.

When stay-at-home mom Lyn Dempsey went to a friend’s open house last year, she never expected to leave with a skin solution, let alone with a new career.

Dempsey had spent the majority of her life looking for a skincare system to deal with her problematic skin. Time after time, she was disappointed by products that didn’t work in the first place or stopped working after a couple of weeks.

On a fateful day last May, Dempsey sampled some products from the become brand at an open house and was pleased with the immediate results. She admits that she was somewhat skeptical, though hopeful, when she made her first purchase—after all, she’d been let down by so many other promising products.

Dempsey soon discovered that she’d made the right decision in buying become. Finally, she had found something that actually worked on her skin. The immediate and cumulative results were evident, both in Dempsey’s appearance and in her confidence.

Over the next few months, Dempsey purchased more become products and shared her personal experience and enthusiasm with anyone willing to listen. She wanted to spread the word and help others with difficult skin situations find the same relief she’d found.

That’s why, in September 2010, Dempsey joined the become family as an independent advisor. Though Dempsey had no prior direct sales experience, and wasn’t even looking for a job, what she did have was something more important.

She had passion.

In fact, that passion is something she shares with Stephanie White, founder and president of become. White developed the become brand of products after working with different high-end skincare companies for approximately 20 years.

White spent six years developing the become brand in Australia, where environmental conditions are very tolling on the skin.

White’s goal was to provide women with a more affordable, non-intimidating skincare option.

The become products are simple to use and do not require a major time commitment. The typical regiment, which consists of cleaning, toning and moisturizing, takes around three minutes in the morning and three minutes at night.

The catalogue of products is approachable and small. It consists of only one line, which means that the products can be used on all skin types.

The products do not contain a lot of fillers or additives. As Dempsey remarked, “Our president likes to say, ‘If it doesn’t have a benefit, it’s not in the product.’”

The products are cosmeceutical and contain active ingredients that penetrate to the cellular level. Natural ingredients, such as Australian daisies, combine with safe chemical components to create a unique skincare experience that leaves the skin glowing and rejuvenated with the first, and every subsequent, use.

Because the ingredients are active, a little bit of each product goes a long way. This makes become very cost-effective.

Dempsey said that she just finished a container of one product she bought nearly a year ago.

Another thing that makes the become brand cost-effective is how multi-beneficial many of the products are—products from one line can be used in different ways to accommodate an individual’s varying skincare needs.

For example, the Reveal Enzyme Peel is primarily intended as a facial scrub/prep. But, it can also be used as an acne spot-treatment, as an overnight mask or as a treatment for patches of rough skin on the body.

The Spray Toner has an active ingredient that will help minimize pores. And, since it contains aloe, it can also be used to relieve sunburn!

Instead of boring potential clients with a run-of-the-mill product demonstration or average sales experience, Dempsey tries to make her consultations fun for all involved.

In the past, she has gone to a hostess’ house or office and had women to her own home for brunch, happy hour and tea-time “home clinic” demonstrations, during which she has products available for sampling and use in mini-spa treatments such as relaxing eye pads, hand massages and full facials.

This gives potential customers a chance to try before they buy, and to have fun primping with their girlfriends. It also gives the party hostess an incentive to coordinate the event, as become offers a very generous hostess reward program.

A become party is a great idea for a bridal shower or other special event, or as a grown-up way to bond with your teen daughter as she prepares for college and early adulthood. As Dempsey points out, “It’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin.”

Currently, there are 1,000 become advisors in the United States and Australia. Dempsey is one of five in the South Hills area. She invites anyone interested in a direct sales career to contact her via email at LynDempsey@mybecome.net or to visit her webpage for more information on how to become a member of become, host a party or purchase products.

Email Dempsey to get on her e-newsletter mailing list, and to receive updates and occasional special prices and promotions.

Wendy Edgar May 20, 2011 at 12:50 PM
Like Lyn, I could never find the "right" skin care products for me, UNTIL I tried Become. I have absolutely loved each & every product I've used. If you haven't already discovered Become, you have to try it! I have no doubt you will be as pleased with the results as I am.
Andrea Bosco May 20, 2011 at 01:03 PM
Thanks for the comment, Wendy! Great to know. Happy Friday!
Sandra McCall May 20, 2011 at 03:34 PM
Hi Lyn, Love the article! Love the products! I tell everyone how wonderful all the Become products are. A lot of people tell me that I don't look my age. I have Become to thank for that.
Kathy Graff May 23, 2011 at 02:45 AM
Great article about a great woman and a great skincare line! I, too, could never find just the right products for my somewhat sensitive skin. Then I met 'become'! I love it and actually get compliments on my skin now!


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