Baldwin Whitehall School Board Minutes

Why does it take so long for the minutes to be published for the public to review?

Also, if the school board is able to stream the meeting, they should be able to record and it post the video for viewing.

I am so disappointed in our school board, streaming the meeting to the cafeteria just shows more arrogance towards the public and reinforces to the people that this board is not truly a board of the people.

We, the people of the Baldwin Whitehall School District must continue to show up in large numbers, the board can't be trusted so we have to be there to monitor the actions. 

But, we should be there to take involvement in the board, something that I personally have failed and these actions have changed that for me.

I will be present, I will be involved, I will remember.
cc December 12, 2013 at 06:25 AM
Lou, has anyone gone to the Attorney General in Pennsylvania and gone and talk to the DA of Allegheny County. We as tax payers and parents of students of Baldwin Students needs to take this to a higher level. We need to get someone from the DA and Attorney Generals Office at the next School Board Meeting. Also it is really sickening that Marty got in a fight with a teacher John Evosevic (30 Years), and called him a 800 lb Elephant. That is so out of line for a School Board Member. I am now also worried about this teachers job.
Lou Rainaldi Jr. December 12, 2013 at 07:20 AM
What? From what I read he was referring to the position that he resigned to as the 800lb elephant in the room? I was out of town for work and missed the meeting but will be at the next one. What was the fight about? But, to answer your questions both the Attorney General and the District Attorney have been contacted and are reviewing matters based on what I have heard.
Bald win win win December 12, 2013 at 07:51 AM
Lou I think cc misunderstood. He did refer to the 800lb elaphant in the room but you r correct he was referring to his position. That was some meeting. He is a very arrogant man and I think he is raising his daughter the same way. I'm sure it was difficult for her to listen to all the publics complaints about her father but she was out of line reading her prepared statement dressing down the taxpayers of the Baldwin Whitehall School district If the kitchen is too hot leave! I felt she overstepped her bounds and should also resign. It came from her mouth but was Marty's word.. Thank you again. Also, could you let us know how to donate money to the person who hired to lawyer?
cc December 12, 2013 at 08:20 AM
Marty daughter has been boo-hooing in school about how unfair the tax payers in the district are treating her dad. She was also confronted about the cushy job her daddy made for himself by her peers. She got upset about this and thinks it is unfair how people are picking on her family. You know daddy dearest wrote her speech last night.
cc December 12, 2013 at 08:21 AM
By Janice Crompton / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette About 300 Baldwin-Whitehall School District residents crammed into the high school auditorium Wednesday night, and for the second time in as many weeks let school board members know they aren't happy over the appointment of a school board member to a newly created administrative position. Residents have expressed outrage over board member Martin Schmotzer's appointment to the $120,000-a-year position -- supervisor of projects for the school board and special assistant to the superintendent -- and then his return to the board last week once he resigned after public outcry over his appointment. Wednesday night, John Evosevic, a district teacher for 30 years, got into a shouting match with several board members. "Did any of you request help for this man [Superintendent Ronald Lutz]? If not, who is at fault? Did Marty decide it was needed and you all followed?" he said. At that point, Mr. Schmotzer spoke up: "Why don't we get rid of the 800-pound elephant in the room?" He introduced a motion to eliminate the position he had been appointed to, and the board unanimously approved it. "It never should have been established in the first place," said board member Karen Brown. Residents Wednesday evening told the board they won't forget what one parent called the "backdoor" way in which Mr. Schmotzer was appointed to the new position. The board last month appointed Mr. Schmotzer, 57, of Whitehall without public deliberation or input. "Nothing about this position passes the smell test," said resident Ronald Covato. "Your silence breeds our speculation. The remedy is quite simple -- full disclosure." Resident Brian Rampolla questioned why armed police were at the meeting Wednesday. "You guys have nothing to fear but the truth, and you guys are doing your best to run from it," he said. "Marty had resigned, he was off the board. He was not allowed to be reinstalled. You bent over backwards to give one man what he wanted. This board has dug a huge credibility hole." It was a scene similar to last week's board meeting, where Mr. Schmotzer retook his seat on the board amid shouts and jeers from several hundred residents furious over the action. Police removed some residents from that meeting. Parent Lou Rainaldi is hoping to not have to wait four more years to vote out Mr. Schmotzer and the members who appointed him. Last week he presented the board with a petition signed by more than 1,300 residents asking for Mr. Schmotzer to step down from his board seat. He said he's researching ways in which the community could recall, impeach or somehow force some board members from office. Residents' comments were aimed at the six-member majority on the board, including Mr. Schmotzer. The three minority board members last week tried and failed to replace district Solicitor Bruce Dice, with Ms. Brown calling the decision to allow Mr. Schmotzer's appointment by the solicitor "totally unethical." Wednesday night, lawyer and resident Gary Kelly reminded Mr. Dice who his employers are. "You work for me. You work for all of the people here," he said to applause. Janice Crompton: jcrompton@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1159. Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/education/2013/12/12/B-W-school-board-gets-more-heat-about-job/stories/201312120266#ixzz2nGaJf5ov


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