Baldwin United Methodist Pastor Writes to the P-G

Rev. Bryce writes about 11-year-old Muslim boy.

Rev. Dr. Bruce E. Bryce, the congregational care pastor at the in , wrote a Dec. 4 letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about an 11-year-old Muslim boy named Khalid Husain, who wrote a Nov. 24 letter to the same publication.

"I can give thanks during the holidays by simply doing what my faith tells me," Husain wrote. "Help others, love your country and don't let fanatics take over your faith."

Bryce responded, "My faith proclaims that God so loved the world that He gave Himself. When those whose provincialism blinds them to an accurate view of the whole world rather than just their tiny part of it, it is great to find someone (Husain) whose insight is so wise and so in harmony with the basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: the religions of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad."


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