B-W Woman Tentatively Scheduled to Appear on '60 Minutes' After Steelers Game

The Baldwin native has an amazing story to tell.

UPDATE: CBS has officially delayed this story's broadcast. Check back with the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch for updates.

A Baldwin-Whitehall resident is a participant in a groundbreaking study whose findings are tentatively scheduled to be broadcast nationally on CBS' "60 Minutes" on Sunday night, immediately following the Pittsburgh Steelers-Dallas Cowboys telecast.

However, the may delay the story's broadcast at least a week as CBS may instead focus on the school shootings. Nevertheless, the study's findings are due to be published online on Monday by the British medical journal The Lancet.

The identity of this Baldwin Borough native has been kept quiet at the request of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh's Schools of the Health Sciences and UPMC along with the medical journal that published their research findings and CBS, which has followed the study throughout.

The project is a progressive phase of the brain-computer interface study for which the research team was selected in October as the winner of one of Popular Mechanics magazine's Breakthrough Awards of 2012.

The current phase—the focus of the newly published study—involves a previously unidentified woman, a quadriplegic who grew up in south Baldwin. The woman lived out of Pennsylvania until her debilitating medical condition caused her to return home years ago. She contacted the researchers after seeing a video of a previous participant, fellow quadriplegic Tim Hemmes of Butler County.

Hemmes, paralyzed seven years ago in a motorcycle accident, was able to use a computer and a robotic arm by using only his thoughts. With the arm, he high-fived his girlfriend and a researcher—a photograph and moment that ultimately captured the attention of media from The Huffington Post to ABC, from CBS to the London Daily Mail to The Associated Press (AP).

The AP story went international, and Hemmes said at the time, "I got to reach out and touch somebody for the first time in seven years."

Unless a different story airs, you can tune in to "60 Minutes" on Sunday night after the football game to see how this Baldwin-Whitehall resident follows in Hemmes' journey.

Check local listings here.


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Robert Edward Healy, III December 16, 2012 at 08:57 PM
UPDATE: CBS has officially delayed this story's broadcast. Check back with the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch for updates.
Robert Edward Healy, III December 18, 2012 at 07:21 PM
VIDEO: Meet Whitehall's Amazing Jan Scheuermann - http://patch.com/A-0z24


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