Did You Go Out Early for Black Friday?

And don't forget—tomorrow is Small Business Saturday!

It's Black Friday! Did you go out early this morning? What deals did you find? How were the crowds?

If you haven't been out yet, click here to see some local stores that have Black Friday specials.

And if Black Friday isn't your thing, remember that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Click here to check out a list of local small businesses that have Facebook pages, where many are advertising Small Business Saturday specials.

Also, click here to see a list of some local small businesses that are open today and tomorrow.

Happy shopping!

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James Jenkins November 23, 2012 at 11:25 PM
Went to New Dimension Comics at PGH Mills at 12 AM, saved 33% off games and comics. Store was packed, very friendly. At at Sonic @ 2 AM, good food, polite servers on skates. Wal-mart was packed. Bought DVDs $1.96 each & Cat food. Saw people doing low level scams, clerks, denied the sale and moved on. Clearance area PC speakers for $5 and 6$ (bought one). Electronics are looked like a tornado with a pack of three year old kids had hit it. But the clerks and people working there were courteous, professional, and just great at that Wal-Mart PGH Mills. Drove south 28 past Aspinwall where there was a horriffic accident blocking the exits to and from the Highland Park Bridge. Maybe 3:or 4 AM. Had to be 2 fire and police departments already there, as we passed the north side of the bridge ramps. No one was allowed to use the bridge. Our guess was that it was a headon / wrong lane deal, likely people died. Got to Century III mall, and found some more deals at Bradley's books, a nice helpful woman there, I saved 50% off of retail price on some games and books (a game normally $30.00 was $12.98, etc.) and also bought some small model game pieces at Century III (lots of people there, food court was well populated) @ New Dimension comics with a bit of looking. It was surrreal to be at Century III so early. I recall when the place was built when I was about 13. Got home and it was near 6AM. Glad my wife and I and a friend all made it home. Those poor people in Aspinwall....
Mike Lowe November 24, 2012 at 12:32 AM
I prefer to wait until tomorrow. I worked in retail for years and know that you will not get the best service on Black Friday. I will shop during off peak hours and days. If you are able to pry yourself away from the TV during a Steeler game, it's a great time to hit the malls. (And you can keep track of the game on your smartphone!)
Ed M November 24, 2012 at 02:54 AM
We went out around 8 AM today and we got everything we went for. We even found some things we weren't looking for! And the service we received was excellent!
Erin Faulk November 24, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Nice! I had some family members who were planning to go out on Thanksgiving night instead of on Black Friday. Hopefully they found some good deals, too.
Erin Faulk November 24, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Good stuff! I spent a relaxing Black Friday reading a book, haha. I am headed to see other family members this weekend, so perhaps I'll hit up some sales on the way. I do have to drive past a Target...


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