(VIDEO) Business Owners: Learn How to Claim Your Listing

Did you know that your business listing is free and fully customizable?

Here at the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch, there are a lot of things that you can do besides reading our stories. At many news websites, the most that you can do is leave comments, but at Patch, you can do much more, especially if you’re a local business owner.

If you’re a part of the business community, I hope that you’re aware of our directory and the listings of almost every business in Baldwin-Whitehall! (We know that there are a few holes, and we’re working hard to fill them.)

Each listing should include photographs and a description of when you’re open, when you’re closed, where to park and more information depending on your establishment—whether that’s a restaurant (what’s your signature dish?) or a library (how big is your collection?).

This listing is free to you. Unlike other listing services, we have created our directory as a service to our readers, meaning that we’re shouldering all of the work and costs. However, what really sets us apart is the level of interactivity that you can have with your listing—namely, claiming your listing to manage its content.

is an example of a claimed listing in Baldwin-Whitehall.

Claiming your listing is as easy as filling out a quick form. We ask for your name, your role at the business (owner, manager, et al.), your phone number and whether you’re authorized to represent the organization. If our directory team verifies your claim, then you’re in! Then, you can:

  • Submit photos
  • Change your contact information
  • Update your hours of operation to reflect seasonal changes
  • Post a PDF of your menu or add photos from your latest event so that Patch readers know exactly what your business is like.

Also, you might find that some of the information in your listing may be outdated or wrong, as sometimes, things slip through the cracks. So, please let us (and potential customers) know!

To start the process of claiming a listing, simply click on the "Claim it." link toward the bottom of each listing page.

Please send your thoughts, questions or concerns to baldwin-whitehall@patch.com. The Baldwin-Whitehall Patch is all about its community members, so get involved, comment on stories, claim your listings and, above all, send us your thoughts.


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Robert Edward Healy, III February 06, 2012 at 08:13 PM
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