WATCH: Baldwin H.S. Musical Readies for Opening Night

Catch a glimpse of rehearsal before the 'Curtains' rise on April 20.

The killer may be a mystery, but it's no secret that preparation for "Curtains"—'s 2012 spring musical—has been both challenging and time-consuming.

But Baldwin, like most years, seems to have the right mix again this April of both talent and dedication to be ready for Opening Night.

"Curtains"—a parody of 1950s "whodunnit" mystery theater—is the Baldwin High student body's next big performance at the high school's sparkling auditorium. The show will run six times from April 20-28, and Baldwin students have been preparing for "Curtains" since auditions in December.

Rehearsals have continued from there and will last through April 19. The Baldwin-Whitehall Patch caught a glimpse of one of those rehearsals on Saturday and spoke to some members of the show's cast. View the video above to get ready for "Curtains."

Here is a . Can you solve the crimes?

Tickets are on sale at the high school box office on Tuesday, April 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. and HERE online anytime.

Dates for the show are April 20, 21, 22, 26, 27 and 28. Each show, with the exception of April 22, starts at 7 p.m. The April 22 performance is free for senior citizens (aged 62 and older) to attend, and it starts at 1 p.m.

Tickets for the other performances cost $10 each. (Non-senior citizens must also pay $10 on April 22.) Buy early, as all seats are reserved.

The is sponsoring a  at the April 22 show. Non-perishable food items can be brought to that particular performance to support .

For additional information, the high school box office can be reached at 412-885-6767 or at bhsmusical@comcast.net.

Leading Cast

Connor Doran - Lt. Frank Cioffi
Meredith Hazen - Niki Harris
Anna Bekavac - Georgia Hendricks
Maggie Brooks -  Carmen Bernstein
John Mumblo - Aaron Fox
Joe Orsini - Sidney Bernstein
Greg Arcuri - Christopher Belling
Kristina Jaczesko - Bambi Bernét
Steven Evanovich - Daryl Grady
Josh Proud - Johnny Harmon
Grant Weaver - Oscar Shapiro
Robert Murray - Bobby Pepper
Emma Bronder - Jessica Cranshaw
Nick Goga - Sasha Iljinsky
Mark Marks - Detective O'Farrell
Michael Bower - Harv Fremont
Keontá Bender - Roy Stetson
Caitlin Brown - Marjorie Cook
Ashley Czerniewski - Peg Prentice
- Detective McNichol
Emily Isaacs - Jane Setler
Chris Luffy - Brick Hawvermale
Kevin Malesic - Randy Dexter
Katie Sabo - Roberta Wooster
Allison Waldo - Mona Page

Ensemble Cast

Eleni Andrulonis
Allie Bagay
Christa Bosetti
Dorian Brown
Tristan Collins
Elaina DePetro
Sarah Dillinger
Angelina Fulton
Elizabeth Geis
Kalee George
Jamal Habboushi
Rachel Hommel
Marisa Howley
Kelsey Jones
Elizabeth Lane
Alizabeth Leng
Carley Malenka
Lauren Margliotti
Shannon McGrady
Bridgette Mekkelsen
Casey Montana
Deelan Rashan
Lindsay Roadarmel
Ryan Romack
Sarah Schwartz
Molly Seidel
Sydney Stahl
Laura Stumpf
Jennifer Tran
Bri Walkup
Jill Weida
Shane Connelly (Colonial Theater "Robbin' Hood" Stage Crew)
Anthony Dzujko (Colonial Theater "Robbin' Hood" Stage Crew)
Brenda Evanovich (Colonial Theater "Robbin' Hood" Stage Crew)
Nicole Omeis (Colonial Theater "Robbin' Hood" Stage Crew)

Student Crew

Connor Doran - Director and Rehearsal Accompanist
Kristina Jaczesko - Choreographer
Emma Bronder - Costumes
Leah Koslow - Artistic Design and Show Crew
Lauren Rampolla - Artistic Design and General Crew
John Rullo - Artistic Design, Sound and Construction
Kellen Rajchel - Artistic Design
Vince Popovich - Lighting
Josh Zietak - Lighting
Ryan Scully - Lighting and Construction
Tim Carr - Sound
Shane Connelly - Construction and Show Crew
BHS Video Club - Video Production
Steve Hershberger - Video Production
Perry Sisley - Video Production
Anthony Dzujko - Show Crew
Brenda Evanovich - Show Crew
Dwayne Kunkel - Show Crew
Morgan Kunkel - Show Crew
Nicole Omeis - Show Crew
Steven Andrulonis - General Crew
Nicki Barth - General Crew
Kristen Swindoll - General Crew
BHS Band - Ushers
BHS Drama Club - Ushers
BHS Art Honor Society - Lobby Painting
Alex Wilson - Hair and Makeup


Max Marze - Orchestra Director, Clarinet and Saxophone 
Marie Gruber - Flute
Kate Marze - Flute and Saxophone
Alex Pantone - Flute
Shannon Powell - Flute
Carly Brooks - Clarinet
Marissa Eynon - Clarinet
Sydney Harsh - Clarinet
Abbey Smith - Clarinet 
Jared Andes - Saxophone
Callie Corcoran - Oboe/Horn
DJ Huber - Oboe/Horn
Dan DeSimone - Trumpet
Justina Schmidt - Trumpet
Dan Gruber - Trombone
Tom Werkmeister - Trombone
Jaqueline Lewis - Percussion
Molly Whittaker - Percussion
Evan Huber - Drum Set
Chris Wolowicz - Guitar
Mary Tkach - Bass
Corina Pittman - Bass
Paul Karell - Keyboard
George Spencer (adult, non-student) - Keyboard

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