Whitehall Borough Posts 2013 Trash/Recycling Schedule

Read here for details.

Refuse will once again be collected on a five-day-per-week schedule in Whitehall Borough in 2013 according to the A to Z street listing found here (also available in this article's media gallery).

Trash collections will be delayed one day for New Year's Day, the entire week of May 27, one day for the Fourth of July, the entire week of Sept. 2, one day for Thanksgiving on Nov. 28 and one day for Christmas on Dec. 25.

Recycling collections will be delayed the entire week of May 27 and Sept. 2 and one day for Thanksgiving on Nov. 28 and Christmas on Dec. 25.

Single-stream recycling has been implemented in Whitehall. Recyclable items include cleaned glass jars/bottles, aluminum and tin cans, plastics (1 through 7), magazines, catalogs, telephone books, junk mail, envelopes, all color office paper, paper grocery bags, chip/particleboard food boxes, newspapers and inserts, and cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and cut in three-foot sections.

All of the abovementioned items can be mixed together in a recycling bin for curbside collection.

Recycling bins are available, if needed, for $8 each at the borough municipal building along Borough Park Drive during regular business hours.

Questions? Call 412-884-0505.


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