Tunnel of Love (Weekly Photo Gallery)

The railroad overpass near Bloom Engineering Company on Horning Road boasts a romantic (albeit criminal) message. It looks like someone disagreed, though.

The Baldwin-Whitehall Patch publishes a weekly photo gallery of interesting and/or important images caught around our area. Any photo taken from a spot in ,  or  qualifies; though, we'll occasionally accept photos that are right on our neighbors' borders as well.

Last week, the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch made a very big exception by publishing of pictures taken by videographer Lizabeth Gray at 's Junior Prom at  on May 20.

For this week's gallery, B-W Patch Editor Bob Healy returned to Baldwin-Whitehall grounds to take photos of the railroad overpass on Horning Road next to  on Thursday, June 2. The overpass (just south of ) is in Baldwin Borough.

Healy took photos from below the overpass and on top of it, where he found a romantic (albeit criminal) message. It looks like someone disagreed, though. (View the images to the right of this page.)

Submit your photo(s) to robert.healyiii@patch.com to be in our weekly gallery! The photo(s) can be of pretty much anything or anyone, but the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch editorial team reserves the right to publish only those photos that we choose. Be sure to tell us who is in the picture(s), what's going on and when and where it/they was/were taken. Also, please tell us who captured the photo(s).


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