Six Ways to Use Patch During Hurricane Sandy

From our storm central to our mobile versions, Patch's network in western Pennsylvania has you covered during Sandy.

With Hurricane Sandy set to strike this week, your Patch team in western Pennsylvania will be working to bring you every bit of Sandy news.

Here are six ways to get the most out of Patch during the storm.

1. Follow our storm central. We'll be on top of Sandy-related issues and developments relevant to you and your family via news, photos, videos, Facebook and Twitter. If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter to get breaking news and weather alerts.

2. Get the app. If the power goes out, your smartphone may end up being your only tool for getting the info on what's going on in your community. Click here to get the Patch app for free on iTunes. Not only can you use it read news, but you can post photos and videos, as well. Don't want to download the app? Just type the URL of your favorite Patch site into your mobile browser.

3. Post announcements. If you represent a government agency, use our announcements section to let people in town know the latest information.

4. Comment. If you have relevant information to add, jump in and make a comment. These storm stories will continue to evolve as we speak to more officials and locals. You can be a real-time source by commenting and filling in your neighbors.

5. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Often, the quickest bits of information that we send out will come through Twitter and Facebook. You can find Baldwin-Whitehall's social media information at the very top right of this page. We'll be using the hashtag #pitsandy.

6. Send us your photos and videos. We'd love to run any photos or videos you take during the storm, but please don't compromise your safety. You can add them to any article or email them to editor Bob Healy: robert.healyiii@patch.com.


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