PHOTOS: Baldwin Borough Library Gets Makeover

The Wallace Building location adjusts to the times.

The needed a new carpet—badly. It had been 22 years since the old one was installed.

So, library Director Joyce Chiappetta and her staff used that opportunity to redesign the library's space inside of the in order to, as Chiappetta put it, "better meet the needs of our patrons."

"Seventeen years ago," she said, "there was such a great demand for computers that a whole room was dedicated to computers and reference materials. Times have changed, and people now use home computers, (digital) notebooks, smartphones or our Wi-Fi to search the Internet.

"So, we have turned the former computer room into a family room, with books, puppets and puzzles. Two computers are also there for children's use."

Chiappetta explained the benefts of such a room.

"Families now have a space where they can come where play will foster early literacy skills," she said. "By increasing the space dedicated to children, storytimes can also be held there when the larger space is in use for adult programs like tax aide.

"Previously, the children had to be squeezed into a space between the stacks when other programs were held."

So what happens to all of those computers that were moved? Chiappetta has an answer—and another redesign—for that.

"The other computers have been moved to the main library room where an adult reading area has been created," she said, pointing out that the adult area also contains magazines, newspapers and adult books. "(The computers) surround a comfy sofa, chairs and free coffee.

"The new carpet and paint make for a fresh new atmosphere that we hope will make patrons feel welcome."

While the new renovations will be enjoyed by library workers, visitors and volunteers alike, it is hoped by many that the Baldwin Library's days at the Wallace Building, which it shares with many other organizations, are numbered.

Library organizers are hoping to move to their own location on Churchview Avenue should they raise enough money. Read more about .


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