Lick Run: Tuesday's Storm in Baldwin-Whitehall

Ever wonder how much water pours into the Lick Run waterway during even a somewhat-mild thunderstorm?

Credit: Robert Edward Healy, III
Credit: Robert Edward Healy, III
The video seen above was taken at around 4 p.m. on Tuesday and shows just how much water comes pouring into the Lick Run waterway in south Baldwin Borough after even a somewhat-mild thunderstorm.

Lick Run water flows into a Pleasant Hills Authority water treatment plant, and officials from the Department of Environmental Protection have determined that sewage water from south Baldwin and the nearby municipalities that also contribute to the Lick Run waterway (including part of Whitehall Borough) has led to overflow at that plant.

As such, Baldwin's municipal government is planning for a water basin and pump station project at Colewood Park—estimated in cost at $7-$7.5 million—in order to handle potential overflow. Read more about that project here.

Also seen above are two pictures snapped during Tuesday's storm by a Patch reader from the takeout window of the Sugar & Spice Ice Cream Parlor along Route 51 in Baldwin.


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